About Postimage

Postimage was founded in 2004 to provide message boards with an easy way to upload images for free. Postimage is a very simple, fast and reliable free image service. It's perfect for linking to auctions, message boards, blogs and other websites. Postimage guarantees maximum uptime and performance so that your image will be here whenever you need it. There is no registration or login; all you have to do is submit your picture. With continuous upgrades and dedicated staff Postimage is the #1 solution for Free Image Hosting.

Install the Simple image upload mod today and experience the ease of uploading images right from the posting page.


  • Pablo Ayllón (European Spanish translation)
  • Bekir Uçarci (Turkish translation)
  • Hồ Hoài Sản (Vietnamese translation)
  • Kika Štefi (Slovak translation)
  • Shai Gerbi (Hebrew translation)
  • Bingen Galartza Iparragirre (Basque translation)
  • Tərlan Mustafazadə (Azerbajani translation)
  • Ammar Ibn Sadakah (Malay translation)
  • BluePencil (Korean translation)
  • Paul Delia (Bug hunting)
  • Crtc4L (Security research)
  • Charafeddine Nassiri (Security research)
  • Achal Pathak and Akshay Kumar (Security research)
  • David Tamas (Hungarian translation)
  • Vikas Sharma [pentestbegins.com] (Security research)
  • Ken J. (SMF plugin improvements)
  • Luigi Gubello (Security research)
  • Maverick and Mike (Security research)